Friends and family, we are asking that you find it in your heart to donate a few dollars to help the thousands of people that are part of several caravans making their way to the United States seeking asylum. (Thousands are already at the Mexico-US border) As many of you know, the majority of these are people from Honduras, but have also been joined by many from El Salvador and Guatemala, who are trekking thousands of miles, many of them on foot, in hopes of escaping poverty & violence in their countries to find a better life for their families. They are in dire need of food, clothing, medical and legal services. La Coalicion de Migrantes Mexicanos is organizing several trips to Tijuana throughout the next few weeks to deliver these items. We want to make clear that we are asking for financial donations because there have been several instances where border agents have not let material donations be taken across the border. We will instead use the money to buy all the items needed at either Costco or Sam’s Club in Tijuana to avoid those issues. 
We’d like to note that there have been thousands of posts being circulated with negative anecdotes and experiences regarding the people that are part of the caravan. It is incredibly dangerous for us to take those incidents and apply them to the rest of the thousands of asylum seekers heading our way. We cannot and will not generalize based on some negative incidents.

Thank you,

The Coalition of Mexican Migrants

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